Disable Hardware Checksum Offload for USB Ethernet Adapter

Currently I work on a patch for pfSense 2.3 alpha concerning DHCPv6 https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4206.
So to test out the patch and to make my day a little easier I bought a USB Ethernet dongle that uses a AX88772B. It works fine, but it turns out to get it to work under pfSense (running FreeBSD 10.2) you’ll need to switch off checksum offloading for TX and RX. You can do that with a call to:
ifconfig devicename -txcsum -rxcsum
, but it is more pratical to ask pfSense to do that at boot by going to ‘System / Advanced / Networking’ and tick ‘Disable hardware checksum offload’ (found in ‘Network Interfaces’ subsection under ‘Hardware Checksum Offloading’)
Update: I forgot to mention that disabling hardware checksum offload was needed, because pfSense ran in a virtual environment.

BB-8 – What a sweet droid!

While watching all the great Star Wars clips on YouTube from Anaheim this year I cannot stop to be amazed by BB-8.
So simple, yet elegant, advanced and so new compared to what we have seen before, but most important: Real!!!

Here is a video where BB-8 is presented as a real prop:

Till now there are speculations about how BB-8 works. You may want to start here:
Notice “READ MORE” as well as the links which the article refers to. rEEEally XKCD 🙂


This has finally become my first real post.

I guess it is first when you really need your web page that you actually start to use it and set it up. So it has been for me. Today I have published the donations page for getting some DD-WRT support for DIR-860L. I hope it works out as intended! 🙂

Update 21st of July 2014: I had to change the idea a bit regarding getting support for e.g. D-Link DIR-860L. So today I will instead present the more generic page about getting D-Link to support DD-WRT.

Vejen ud er vejen hjem